Metabolic Meltdown 2-17

Do you need to warm-up and workout? Here is a 10 minute challenge guaranteed to create some heat while training the entire body.  For safety and best results, perform a 5 minute warm up of your choice before beginning then, once you feel ready, find some space, a timer, and let’s go!

You will perform each movement for one minute, then move immediately to the next:

  1. Light jog or march in place
  2. Squat
  3. Pike pushups or kneeling pushup to child’s pose
  4. High knee jog or high knee march in place
  5. Power Squat (add small jump or rise on the toes)
  6. Pushup with single arm row at the top
  7. Skater
  8. Lateral agility run—3 steps left/3 steps right
  9. Pushup with single arm rotation
  10. Skater/lateral run.  Think “skate left/skate right/ 3 steps left..repeat other direction

After these 10 intense minutes, slow the heart rate down by walking around the room or using one of our 10 minute stretch or mobility routines. If you are feeling ambitious, you may certainly do an additional round, but in light of our current situation, I would suggest maximum work in minimal time, allowing us all to take care of family members, pipes and pets!

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  • Sandra K
    Posted at 11:38h, 18 February

    We did the meltdown indoors as the snow kept falling on day 4 of no electricity! Followed up with Katie’s new band workout. Thanks for the heat!

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