summer plank challenge

Summer Plank Challenge Starts Now!

The world is reopening and many of us are out enjoying summer adventures again. This is wonderful news, but that newfound freedom can come at the cost of missing workouts and disrupting our established healthy habits. Plus, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things once we’re back to our regular routines.

We have a solution – The Summer Plank Challenge!

This challenge is super simple. Do a 60 second plank at least once each day.
That’s it.

Why plank? We’re so glad you asked! Holding a plank is a weight bearing, full body, isometric exercise that requires no equipment, can be done anywhere, and is so challenging that just one minute can have amazing benefits. There are loads of “fun” plank variations and it can be modified on the forearms, knees, or even performed on a wall or couch. Keep reading for 7 benefits of daily planks.

We want to see your Summer Plank Challenge in action. Snap a pic of your planking adventures, then email it to us at or post + tag us on our socials. Get creative with it!



7 Benefits to Doing a One Minute Plank Every Day



1. Strengthens Your Complete Core

When it comes to building complete core strength (not just your “6-pack muscles”), plank pose reigns supreme. Plank strengthens the rectus abdominis (6-pack muscles), transverse abdominis (deep core stabilizing muscles), and the internal and external obliques (hip and back mobilizing muscles).



2. Boosts Metabolism

Although it’s a bodyweight exercise, plank pose requires a massive amount of strength and falls into the category of resistance training. The strength and muscle mass that can be gained through consistently practicing a 60 second plank offers another amazing benefit – a faster metabolism! As your lean muscle increases, so does your resting metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout your day.




3. Reduces Back Pain

One of the biggest issues associated with core weakness is low back pain. When you perform any movement, your back and core muscles help to stabilize your body. If your core is weak, the surrounding muscles have to overcompensate which can lead to strain and lingering pain. Strengthening your core will help your body move in harmony and alleviate overworking your back muscles.




4. Better Posture

Strong, healthy core muscles = better posture. As you practice and perfect plank pose, your muscles work diligently to adjust your body’s natural alignment. During a plank, maintaining a long line from your toes to the top of your head is imperative.




5. Improves Balance + Stability

Plank pose is an isometric exercise that encourages your body to create stability as a whole. The result? An overall improvement in your balance and coordination. Practicing stabilization in this challenging horizontal position ultimately enhances your ability to stabilize in the more natural vertical state.



6. Enhances Bone + Joint Health

A 60 second plank offers the benefits of weight bearing resistance training without the high impact cost to your joints. New bone tissue is created, giving you stronger and healthier bones, while promoting circulation in the joints.




7. Makes You Happier!

Saved the best for last. Holding a plank (or doing any physical activity) releases endorphins, the feel good neurochemical in your brain that boosts your mood. Plank your way to happiness one minute at a time!