We found a new fitness home!

I am so excited to announce that Moxie Fit will be moving into the Austin Belly Dance studio full time beginning Monday, February 20th! All of our classes (with the exception of one virtual only Strength + Stability class) will be offered in our Hybrid format so you can join us in studio or tune into the livestream from home.

Our class schedule is getting a major makeover in order to work around the studio’s available times. Additionally, we are dropping all 30min formats — every class will be between 45-60minutes to make it really worth your while. Equipment will be provided for you in studio, just bring a mat when necessary.

We know that change is scary, but after nearly 3 years of running Moxie Fit from our garage it’s time to shake things up and get the %#*! out of our house. Did you know that Brian fully and single handedly built out our garage for Moxie Fit in the early summer of 2020?? So much has changed since then!

As with all new things, we expect to experience a few growing pains as we fully transition into this space, so your patience, grace and flexibility is much appreciated.

Thanks so much for your continued support and all the goodness you bring to our little fitness fam. We’re looking forward to seeing many more of you in 3D soon!

See below for a new schedule sneak peek.

♥️ Katie + The Moxie Fit Team