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A great gym is not defined by walls, or the weights inside. A great gym is made of it’s people, sharing effort, enthusiasm and smiles, wherever they may go.


About Moxie Fit Collective


Moxie Fit Collective is a space for fitness instructors and clients to connect virtually in this era of social distancing. We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our fitness family. That means continuing to connect, uplift and train together as a community until we can safely be together again. Created by fitness pros, this unique concept focuses on donation based live Zoom classes as well as recorded content posted to each instructor’s page. Donations are made directly to each teacher using the donate buttons on their individual page, but donations are not required for participation. This is an inclusive space – all are welcome.


Check out Moxie Fit Collective’s weekly schedule for more info on all class and video offerings!

Katie Lee
Gillian Redfearn
Mark Brown
Tracy Brown
Josie McKinnon