Exercise on the road

By: Gillian Redfearn



As a frequent traveler, both for business and pleasure, locating a gym for an on-the-road workout has always been a priority. Most hotels have small gyms, but honestly, I have gotten some of my best teaching ideas visiting out-of-town gyms. (Side bar: Once upon a time, I had a series of moves named after cities where I learned or got an idea for a new move. For example, the jumping Dallas squat.) But then Covid hit shutting down travel and the gym!  We all got introduced to a new way of exercising online via Zoom; it’s better than I could have been imagined. The bonus of the way we have all exercised for the last year and moving forward in the near future is that I, as an instructor, don’t actually have to find subs to teach my classes, and as a participant, find a gym with hours that match my travel schedule. I just take you all with me anywhere I go. I have now taught and taken classes in every room in my house, in my brother’s house, in a few AirBnBs located in San Antonio, Alaska, New Mexico, and just this last Friday, North Carolina. While we may all be moving forward with more in-person fitness opportunities, I don’t think any of us are going to give up the benefits and flexibility of online classes. I look forward to bringing you all with me on some of my summer adventures and hope you will take us with you on yours. Next up, Memphis this coming Friday.